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How to make Hookah taste fresh?

So have you ever overheard a conversation between two people where they’d had some bad comments about the hookah session they were in or worse you yourself feeling that effect?

Well, we know some people who have been affected that way and it really makes us sad. We at Upinsmoke Perth just want to make sure that you get the full effect of a hookah session through the high quality products. Just follow these simple steps and you will know how.

Ice mouthpiece / Cold water

So we have heard that most of the hookah places use normal water. Which would of course give you the feel of tobacco even more but does make the smoke which goes in a bit hotter, eventually burning up your tongue. Instead of directly using cold water add ice cubes to your water so that the temperature of the water is kept under control. Making the smoke feel cool and fresh.

Fresh quality of tobacco flavours

To make sure that the hookah tastes fresh, make sure that the tobacco that you use is in a dry place. In a place like Perth, the sunlight is intense which would affect the quality of your tobacco when kept in open sunlight. Hookah smokers in Perth kindly do bear this in mind.

Always keep in mind that the quality of the hookah smoke is mainly because of the quality of tobacco. So always prefer the ones with high quality. Also, don’t try out tobaccos which have been open for more than 2 months. Definitely not a good idea.

Blow some air in between the session

Here is another way in which you can make your Hookah taste fresh. Blow some air in the hose to make sure that the air moves into the bottle which would help the air travel through the valve and ventilate your Upinsmoke Hookah pipe.

This blowing process helps to replace the old smoke with a new one, just to make sure that the water doesn’t seep into the bowl and ruin your hookah experience.

The right amount of tobacco

Major rule that you have to follow…. Do not overdo your tobacco!! Less is more people, make sure to keep that principle when you are preparing your hookah on the shisha head.

We suggest you to use the classy shisha heads from Upinsmoke which would provide you with the best quality through and through.

Heat management system

One of the most important hookah accessories that you must have. The heat management device which would help you burn up the charcoal evenly and not uncontrollably. The heat management system really reduces the need for tinfoil at a very high level. You can check out our Lotus Kaloud heat management device at our store. This heat management device will considerably reduce the amount of wasted coals and will help you make sure that the natural coals that you use will be utilised to its fullest.

Natural shisha coals

Try to use natural charcoal rather than the instant ones. Trust us because there is a very little chance of you getting a headache at the end of your session when you use natural charcoal. A natural and a healthier alternative is the Coconut charcoal which is present in our store not only for Khalil Mamoon Hookahs but for all types of Hookahs we provide.

Ice hose

Okay now let’s get to real talk. If you feel that all the above pointers are going to give you extra work then we suggest that you could go for the amazing Ice hose. They are exactly like your regular hose but have these freezable extenders which would help you provide a cool, smooth flow of the smoke helping you get the best hookah experience.

Clean! Clean! Clean!

The biggest blunder that a lot of people do is that they leave the hookah as it is at the end of a session. This causes the remaining residue of the burnt charcoal or water to stay in there which would definitely give your hookah a bad taste when you use it the next time. So always make sure that you clean your hookah after you complete a session. The shisha brushes and certain other accessories will definitely help you do that.

So we have come to the end of the blog. A fresh hookah experience is what every hookah smoker dreams of, the soothing relaxation provided after every session is something to yearn for. To sum up, have essential hookah accessories including quality hookah hose, charcoals, shisha head, shisha base…. To get the best out of it. 

All these above hookah accessories help anyone reach the pinnacle of experiencing the hookah. And there is no better place for Shisha shops in Perth other than Upinsmoke. We can guarantee you that. Khalil Mamoon, Al Fakher, AK 47 Hookah etc etc, you name it we have it. Cheers to the New Year and let’s make sure to smoke some rings to make the most of this amazing year to come.



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