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What Is A Shisha Lounge?

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Shisha bars and lounges have gained popularity attracting a diverse crowd of visitors who revel in the relaxed atmosphere and colourful entertainment. 

Shisha bars offer more than just flavoured smoke, they are places of connection, relaxation, and socialisation. Unlike traditional bars, the Shisha bar is full of people looking for a laid-back experience instead of a loud and chaotic evening of drinking. 

But what are Shisha bars and why should you visit one?

What Is a Shisha Bar?

A shisha bar, also known as a hookah lounge or shisha lounge, is a place where people can gather to enjoy the traditional practice of smoking shisha, a water pipe also known as a hookah.

Shisha bars typically feature a range of individual or communal hookahs for customers to use, with a variety of flavours to choose from. The atmosphere of these lounges is carefully crafted to create an immersive and culturally rich experience, often reflecting Middle Eastern, South Asian, or North African themes in their decor, music, and sometimes even their menu offerings.
In addition to shisha, these establishments often serve a variety of beverages, such as teas, coffees, soft drinks, food dishes, and sometimes even alcoholic beverages, depending on local regulations. Up in Smoke Perth offer an extensive menu which includes alcohol – see our menu here.

5 Reasons to Visit a Shisha Bar in Perth

Cultural Connection

One underrated benefit of Shisha bars is the cultural connection they provide. Inspired by the traditional Middle Eastern practices of Shisha smoking, these dedicated lounges and bars offer a close to authentic experience. 

These bars allow visitors to travel the world without even having to leave their city. Plus, it gives those who share Middle Eastern and South Asian ancestry an opportunity to partake in the traditional activities of their home countries.

Relaxed Socialisation

In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly seeking ways to unwind and relieve stress. Shisha bars offer a relaxing escape from the daily grind and a laid-back environment to catch up with friends. 

It’s not uncommon to see groups of friends, couples, and even strangers strike up conversations over a shared hookah. In Perth, the shisha bar becomes a hub for connecting with others and forming new friendships

Tasty Experience

Shisha bars are renowned for their extensive selection of shisha flavours, one of the many reasons people visit us in Perth. Visitors can choose from a wide array of fruity, minty, and exotic flavours, enhancing the sensory experience.

On top of the variety of Shisha flavours, many bars will offer snacks or food dishes to keep their patrons comfortable and happy.

Celebrate In Style

Celebrating an important event? A birthday, a wedding, or even a death? Shisha lounges provide an intimate, relaxed and beautifully decorated backdrop for any of your celebrations or family gatherings. 

Some Shisha bars even provide entertainment like live music and belly dancing.

Alternative Late-Night Hangout

Shisha lounges often stay open late, catering to the night owls and those seeking a change of scenery beyond the traditional bar or club scene. This extended availability makes shisha lounges an attractive option for those looking for a late-night hangout spot in Perth.

Up in Smoke Café and Shisha Lounge is open until midnight 7 days a week – Coventry Village Shopping Centre.

Visit Up In Smoke Café & Shisha Lounge Perth

The growing trend of shisha lounges in Perth is a testament to the enduring appeal of this ancient practice and its ability to provide a modern and inclusive space for all to enjoy. Find out more about our shisha lounge.



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