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What is a Waterpipe and How does it work?

If you are a smoker, you might be aware of the Waterpipe or Hookah culture which was once started in the middle east and is now common in all parts of the west. Waterpipe smoking has conquered the heart of almost every smoker which is why this culture has spread like wildfire and new bong shops can be seen on every corner serving a variety of flavors of Hookah (Waterpipe).

If you have little information about this trend, we will give you the answers you are seeking starting from the basic question.

What is Waterpipe?

A Waterpipe is a simple device used to smoke special coconut charcoal which is odorless and tasteless itself but has a satisfying property for smokers. The smoking experience is enhanced mainly from the Hookah Flavors which are available in a large variety. The waterpipe has hundreds of flavors and tens of names around the world.

What is What is Eleaf?

Eleaf is a small ejuice furnace that gives off smoke with or without nicotine. It is a portable vape with amazing taste which is why it’s popular among vapers around the globe. But Eleaf has a very special fanbase in Australia and nearby countries.

If you like vaping and you have not tried Eleaf isticks, you are missing out on an amazing experience. You should at least once give the brand a try to see if the hype is worth it.

About Hookah Culture

Hookah or Waterpipe culture was started by a Persian Physician Abu’l-Fath Gilani back in the 16th century in the Mughal India period. It made its way to Persia where the modern design was created and it has not undergone any significant modifications since then.

The western world started taking notice of Hookah recently as in the last 50 years. But now it has spread to almost all the countries.

How to blow smoke rings?

You have seen how cool smoking rings look and every smoker has tried it at some point already. You can use many techniques to make smoke rings and the only way to get better is by practicing it more. The easiest way is to open your lips in a round shape and do subtle coughing through the lungs. If your coughing and mouth are slightly balanced, you will soon be creating great rings. 

An average person only needs one or two practice sessions to learn to make smoking rings. But perfecting them further and playing some tricks can require a lot of practice.

Working and parts of Waterpipe

Waterpipe has a base filled with water, a hose to suck the smoke. Additionally, you need Shisha flavor, an aluminum foil to cover the top of the base, and coconut charcoal.

The coal is burned and placed on the foil in which tiny holes are punched with a needle or sharp metal. Below the foil is shisha flavor through which the smoke passes before heading down to the base. The hot, rich in flavor, smoke is passed through a water chamber for cooling before it is inhaled.

The modern waterpipe looks like beautiful and antique artifacts. We get to see old and tarnished hookah in museums that are around 400 years old representing the origins of this modern treat. Nothing much has changed in the structure and style of Waterpipes for a long time.

Where can you get a Waterpipe?

You can get your personal waterpipes delivered to you online nowadays. But you need to make sure of the product’s quality and always go for a trusted source to buy them. You can look for a trusted connection around you.

We recommend buying from Upinsmoke which is a trusted source as they have a huge list of satisfied customers.


A waterpipe is loved by smokers all around the world and you should also try this new trend. You can find options both with and without nicotine and you also get a large variety of flavors to choose from. You can see the reviews about the best flavors before trying them out. This will help you choose great tastes.

I hope this article would have answered all of your questions regarding waterpipes. If you have any more questions or suggestions regarding this content, let us know below.



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