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Types of Vape

Vaping is a modern technique of smoking. Unlike a cigarette, it is a pen-like device, electrically heated and smoked. The person inhales vapor from an e-juice or e-liquid. The electronic device from the vape heats the liquid and produces vapours that the users inhale. These vapes are designed in different styles, sizes and formats such as e-cigs, mods, etc. All these designs have heating element wicking material, a tank to hold the e-liquid and a battery to produce heat. 

Vaping is a very popular alternative to cigarettes and in this article, you will find everything you need to know about how to vape, shop the vapes and vape shops in Perth and of course about Upinsmoke as well.

How to start vaping:

For a beginner, starting with a disposable vape device is the easiest way to have experience of vaping. It is a temporary vape with a limited quantity of juice and battery time. It will get you going as the process is very similar to regular smoking. Just that you have to press a button every time you inhale to heat the liquid. 

For beginners, note that you shouldn’t have to keep pressing the button when you’re not smoking as it will overheat or burn the coil inside the vape and your liquid will also finish quickly.

Other than the types of vapes, there are two different methods categorized on the basis of how you inhale the smoke. MTL & DTL are two common ways which are discussed in detail below:

Mouth to lung (MTL) VAPE:

A wide number of people use Mouth to lung vape, in that the person sucks the smoke in his mouth and then inhales it to the lungs from the mouth. This process is most commonly done when the airflow of the vape pen is restrictive. It is considered a harsh method as it inhales a lot of smoke at once which is a little dangerous. 

Direct to lungs (DTL) VAPE:

Another method of enjoying vaping is Direct to lungs. This method is considered less harsh as it doesn’t inhale a lot of smoke at once. The person directly inhales the smoke to the lungs without filling their mouth with it. It also allows you to inhale a much larger volume of vape as it directly fills the lungs up to the capacity instead of a mouthful of air only. 

Types of vapes in market: 

Let’s discover the different types of vapes available in the market and the criteria of differentiating them.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes:

The most common types of vape sold in the market are disposable electronic cigarettes, recommended for beginners. These are most commonly  smoked for being cheap and readily available. These are mostly smoked for occasional smokers and people who don’t want to spend a lot of money for the experience. 

The regular and experienced smokers might not like these cheap e-cigarettes as these could be too weak for them. The batteries of these vapes are not strong enough to produce a heavy amount of smoke so these are a No to enjoy vape flavors to their fullest.

Traditional electronic cigarettes:

Second most popular type is traditional electronic cigarettes. These are just electricity-driven regular cigarettes, with a completely similar look and feel. Products which used for regular but subtle smokers, with a low battery and replaceable cartridge of e-juice. These are the next step after you’re done with buying disposable vapes every now and then but smokers usually shift to the better ones after a short time of using these as well. 

Mech Mod vape:

These are the advanced type of vapes, also known as mechanical mods. The strength of smoke depends upon the power of inhaling it and it is not customizable.The tank containing liquid is attached with the mode and it is smoked with e-liquid. The low popularity is due to the risk factor attached to it as these are not very safe and sold on user’s agreement of their own risk. 

The safety features of this vape are not reliable as the power control is not in the hands of the users. The heat and smoke depends upon the power of the user’s inhaling strength which is pretty dangerous.

Pen style mod vape:

These are the most liked vapes as it gives you hold of customizing the output options. These are known to satisfy every expectation associated with vaping from a user’s perspective and a next step of e-cigarettes.The pen shaped vape contains a battery and a tank to store liquid. 

Box mod vape: 

These are the most popular mods of vaping due to the high power and quality vaping experience they provide. It has the option to change the coil regularly and also gives access to various control options. For regular vape addicts, this is the most economical and best option in terms of quality, control and safety.


Choosing the right type depends on the stage of vape smoking as well. It is good to start from a low point and then move to higher and stronger ones and be less harsh on your lungs. Overall experience of vaping is better than cigarettes due to which these are becoming very popular over the years. Upinsmoke is a place which thrives on providing the best vapes with quality and performance. Make sure to check out our website and stores at various locations.




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