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How to choose the right hookah and which one would suit you

So is buying the right hookah tough? 

But there is always confusion because all of us want to get the best product and one which would suit according to our needs. In this Up in smoke blog, our job is to help you find the right hookah and which one would suit you the best.

There are several factors which need to be taken into consideration before buying a hookah, we have mentioned a few below:

  • Origin and Type
  • Material used
  • Height
  • Hose & accessories options
  • Price

Traditional Hookah VS Modern Hookah

First off, the origin of the hookah is very important. Find out where the hookah has been manufactured from. Hookah from the middle eastern countries like Egypt, Syria, Turkey and also from south Asian countries like India have a cultural connection with the traditional form of Hookah. There are also hookahs manufactured from places like Australia, America and certain countries in Europe. These are the places which are playing catch and trying to recreate the special hookah which was created in the earlier days. 

Another reason why origin is so important is because these places from which the hookah is created has been differentiated into Traditional and Modern type hookah. 

The traditional being original and having unique equipment which focuses on the quality of the hookah and it’s taste. The modern being aesthetically good looking and attractive to the eyes.

Material used 

The materials used in a hookah is also another important factor to be taken into consideration. Most of the hookah lovers prefer to have solid brass as their main material. As it is one of the most effective materials which are present. Another one is the combination of steel and brass which is also considered a fan favorite. 

But there is one teensy problem which has to be taken care of as a hookah smoker. These solid materials need to be polished at regular intervals to keep their shine in check.

For example when you take the Al Fakher hookah, it is an example of the modern day hookah with the looks to die for. But a different material from the solid brass.

The Khalil Mamoon hookah on the other hand is one of the most luxurious hookahs that you could find anywhere in the market. Their material is mostly solid brass and steel.


Hookah height is also a very important factor as well. If you are supposedly a person who loves to smoke outdoors then a smaller hookah would do for your liking. And vice versa for people who love to smoke the hookah indoors.

Even though the quality of smoke is not affected by the height of the hookah, the performance would. A personal preference of height would be 28-32 inches which fall under medium category. Many of the Khalil Mamoon, Al fakher,  Ak47 hookah, Bullet hookah, Eagle hookah and Eiffel tower hookah fall under this size. The above mentioned hookahs are listed from left to right.

Number of Hoses and accessories

A regular hookah is something which has just one hose along with it. But when you are more of a social smoker and love sessions with your friends then a three or four hose hookah is what you should invest in. It is something which definitely calls for a party.

But there is something which should be kept in mind while having a three hose hookah. When one of the hoses are not in use it should be stopped or there will be a loss of suction power. 

Coming to the accessories, there are some very important hookah accessories which need to be bought. Such as the shisha head, aluminium foil, foil punchers, hookah base, coal etc. All of these hookah accessories constitute for a great hookah session.

Shisha base


The pricing of the shisha is also something that you have to keep in mind. There are a lot of luxurious hookahs such as the Khalil Mamoon which costs upto AUD 300+ and the Al fakher which costs on the upwards of AUD $250. If you want to have a complete hookah experience with amazing quality of smoke these are the ones for you.

If you want to get traditional which is yet appealing you have to invest on it. Depending upon the budget & your personal needs. But we would highly recommend the Khalil mamoon Hookah.

But if there is like a budget constraint then you could opt for hookahs like the Ak47 hookah. There are so many varieties of hookah at Up in smoke present in Perth that you know that you will be getting nothing but the best quality of hookahs there is. Not only in Perth but the whole of Australia. 

Visit our Up in smoke website to look at the tons of hookah options available for users based on their requirement. You can choose your right hookah from this.




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