Hookah Accessories you must have to get the best Experience!

Hookah Accessories you must have to get the best Experience!

Shisha sessions are the best times you spend with your pals. Sipping on to the sweet smoke sensation, releasing your worries, and downing into your comfortable self. But with time, the magic of this satisfaction might start to faint and you keep wondering why?

If you feel that your experience is less satisfactory than it should be, then you are in the right place. Because today we will discuss how you can enhance your hookah experience and get a more distinct satisfaction. We will discuss the basic tips that will give you a good combination of smoke and flavor. And tricks which will entirely prevent any burning sensation in your throat.

And most importantly, we’ll find out what accessories you should get to fill up the gaps in your favorite experience.

Common Mistake:

One of the common mistakes most people make that goes a long way is that they buy their hookah from the wrong place. Now people ask, why the place you buy from matters. See, most people don’t have much information while buying a personal hookah and they end up buying products that are easily available in the market. Even if money is not a problem, you need to do some research before you buy a hookah as the quality is rare. Although, the experience mainly depends on the coal and flavor but also how your hookah treats the smoke, can make a big difference.

You should buy from shops that are primarily hookah sellers. They will have varieties of products for every price range. Whether you choose to buy online, and you should as most brands do not make their shops around the world, you can buy from trusted sources. One suggested option to buy from is UpinSmoke. They have a good reputation for being an authentic online marketplace for Hookah and its accessories along with other smoking instruments.


Now we will talk about the revolutionary accessories some of which may seem very little addition but give augmented results. We are not going to mention the visually appealing products with no particular benefit but only products that affect the overall experience.

Shisha Hose:

You can change the hose however you like but if you chose a transparent plastic hose, you can see how dirty the inside is. Although a leather hose is a more common and liked option as they last a while, you cannot wash them because water can ruin the leather exterior. Plastic hose is inexpensive, washable, and least reactive that preserves the original taste.

You can get a freezable hose for a fresher impression. These hoses cool the smoke to an extent that gives you a unique fresh crisp.

Stretchable hose from Upinsmoke Perth

Hookah Head:

The shisha head is one of the most integral parts of the Shisha. That is where you add the charcoal on top which eventually provides the exotic smoke flavors that you inhale. The quality of the head matters a lot because higher the quality of the head the longer the heat of the charcoal lasts. So make sure that you get one of the best Shisha heads on the market for some extended and blissful Hookah sessions.

Shisha Base:

The base is the most dominant part of how your Hookah looks. It basically sets the tone for your Shisha session. The base is where you will add the liquid which determines the taste of the smoke that you feel. Any kind of non-carbonated beverage can be added instead of water which gives you the actual flavor of the smoke, make sure the smell of the liquid is something that you like since it affects the flavor of the smoke you inhale. The Khalil Mamoon and the Al Fakher bases are a delight to look on and majestic to have.

Hookah Flavor Saver:

If you don’t know what it is and how to use it, this is a one-third or one-fourth of an inch wide, round metal strip that lies on the top of the bowl beneath the coals. It is used to keep coal elevated from the bowl preventing burning or harsh smoke. It also leaves the space of fresh oxygen below the coals and improves smoke and flavor. This is a must-have for every Hookah lover because this small thing raises the experience to a new height and is an underrated product.


Now, what does a tong have to do with better Hookah experience? As we said, we’ll mention things that make difference in your Hookah experience, tong is one of them. People mostly use regular tongs which does the job, according to them.

A tong with a serrated edge helps to scrape and remove most of the ash from burning charcoal. This cleans the path of fresh smoke from coals to be inhaled and also makes a place for fresh oxygen.

Tongs for taking out the Charcoal

Cleaning Brushes:

You should regularly clean your Hookah. The steel piping might get rusted due to excess moisture and air. If you buy a low-quality hookah, it might not have a proper protection layer on the inside surface.

It is better to check and clean the inside of your Hookah piping for sanitary purposes as you are going to directly inhale the smoke.

Cleaning brushes for a cleaner Hookah setup

Foil Puncture:

A typical tong comes with a poker and maybe you can lay perfect holes in the foil. But it wastes a lot of time. It is a time-saving suggestion to use a foil puncture. It will instantly punch perfect holes in the foil.


All the mentioned products have some effect in making your Hookah session better. You can easily find these tools in a nearby market. You should always buy Hookah and its accessories from a well-known brand and not just a regular store and can also order online but from viable sources. UpinSmoke is one well recommended online store where you can find all the variety you will need.

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