Cigarette vs Shisha vs Vape

Cigarette vs Shisha vs Vape

 A very puzzling question isn’t it. And some people might think, “wait, aren’t they the same?”. Well here’s a newsflash for you, they are not the same. Each of them have their own quantity of tobacco and has their own kind of effect which most people are confused for. 

Cigarettes are the most frequently used product among the three, the main reason for that is the cost of it and how many people could afford it. Hookah/Shisha is more like a get together product as it is preferred mostly when the number of people in the room is high and want to spend some quality time with each other. Vape on the other hand is like the sophisticated form of cigarettes but some people would also like to call it a combination of both the cigarette and hookah. 

Cigarette or Hookah or Vape – Which is better and less harmful?


Cigarettes are a narrow cylinder like structure made from psychoactive material majorly tobacco and rolled up in a thin sheet of paper. Psychoactive means building an alteration to the mind in the form of different mood swings which provides some kind of a satisfaction to the users mind and mentality. Let’s keep all the technical things aside and speak English. Cigarettes are not the best material for health but people all around the world adore it and use it as a regular product. The main reason for that is because of the major health effect that it causes, but people who have control over this habit tend to make this one time a day and make that one drag of cigarette as fruitful as they can.

When compared to the health and budget aspect of it, cigarettes are mostly cheaper when compared to the other products which constitute tobacco. The main reason for that is because there aren’t a lot of highly costly products present in a normal cigarette. When you take the health aspect of it, even though most cigarettes nowaday are filtered, not all of them can be deemed safe. The quality of the products is very much important and a company like upinsmoke provides the best quality of high end cigarettes which are way better when compared to the ones in the market.


Vape is regarded as inhaling or exhaling the aerosol, oftentimes regarded as vape through an e-cigarette or a similar device. An e-cigarette is an electronic device which simulates and creates tobacco smoking. The vapours are made of different factors such as toxicants, carcinogens, heavy metals and nanoparticles. The e-cigarettes are mostly reusable and preferred by a lot of people. 

Let’s jump into the matter in hand, Cost and health benefits. The biggest plus of the E-cigarette(Vape) is mainly the fact that it can be reused and is less harmful than a cigarette. The fact that tobacco is not directly inhaled here plays a major role for that. Cost wise, the e-cigarettes are a bit on the higher end when compared to a regular cigarette, first of because of the reuse quotient and secondly because of the benefits that it provides health wise.


Hookahs are single or multi stemmed instruments which help in smoking tobacco or cannabis. Hookah was actually designed for getting people of the high end of the society together and was considered as something which only the higher officials used to do, but as the days passed hookah became available for people all over the world and has been a great part in bringing people together. 

The health aspect of hookah is a bit similar to that of the cigarette. Even though there is a water base, the chemicals which constitute them do not filter out and have the same kind of effects that cigarettes have. One hookah session can cause people to inhale more carbon monoxide than a single cigarette. But it’s non addictive nature make them the most loved product of all the three. Also the FUN aspect of shisha is another huge high, it has been a great part of parties and get togethers and just gives the right feels when you’re chilling with your friends.

When we come to the final decision it is very clear that vape is actually the most healthier alternative when compared. But Hookah and cigarettes are not far behind. The main reason for the health effects is because of the low quality products that a lot of people provide, instead people should look for places like upinsmoke where high quality products are provided to people and are loved by them. 

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