Khalil Mamoon KM- 131110

"* Brand New, Khalil Mamoon made with high quality materials that LAST!!.. Pleasure to smoke!. Best seller in hookah lounges.. *Comes complete with tray, tongs, grommets, vase, and a matte Blue hose *Authentic 32"" Handmade Traditional Style Egyptian Khalil Mamoon *An authentic Egyptian hookah is a traditional device handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who use centuries-old traditional methods. Before you purchase one, please remember that human hands cannot match the precision of machinery! While a hookah machine made in China may look perfect, it's a good idea to keep in mind the old saying about judging a book by its cover * Egyptian hookahs set the industry standard and can be found, in both authentic and copy-cat forms, around the world as a result. In addition to lacking durability, machine manufactured hookahs miss the charm and artistry that the human touch adds to the traditionally made ones."

Khalil Mamoon KM-131110

Khalil Mamoon KM - 131110 is the most famous Hookahs which was ever created. Handcrafted by Egyptians, this Hookah pot exemplifies the idea of greatness. With a wider hose base, this Hookah pot has the ability to give out the easiest of smokes and bigger clouds, something which cannot be obtained from other pots. The greatness of Khalil Mamoon can be seen all around the world with a lot of people saying that they don’t get a Hookah experience like they do with the Khalil Mamoon. Australian people adore them and it is one of the best selling Hookahs in the Market.